Following research carried out on the quality of life in 21 Italian cities, conducted by Altroconsumo, an Italian consumer guardian association, Rome (50.1 marks out of 100) registered a poor 16 th place, narrowly preceded by Milan (50.4), while Palermo (41.6) and Naples (35.4) were last.

The overall winner was Trento (66.8), followed by other prevalently northern Italian cities, Bolzano (66.5), Aosta (60.1), Trieste (59.5), Bologna (58.2), with Perugia (57.5) in 6 th place.

The research, which was carried out at the end of last year, took into account varying criteria such as crime, employment, public transport, public health services, environment, cultural activities and entertainment, education, and public administration.

Crime (robbery, aggression, drug-dealing) together with a lack of parking spaces emerged as the biggest problem causing concern among Romans, closely followed closely by the unsatisfactory public transport system and traffic chaos. Thumbs down too for the capital