When the annual equestrian show opens at the Piazza di Siena in Rome on 24 May along with the usual traditional events there will be some novelties.

This year there will be two new events, the first event which will take place from the 2527 May is the Coppa Italia Marriott, a show jumping team event with six teams of four horses and riders which will take part in two rounds; the final will be between the two teams that have come out top in the two rounds. The second event, the Team Italia Friends, which will also take place from the 2527 May, will see amateur riders taking part in this prestigious show. The 30 competitors, some of them famous names from other sports, will compete according to their level of ability.

As always there will be the popular international team competition on Friday 26 May, the Coppa delle Nazioni, with the eight top teams in the world, from France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States as well as the host, Italy, competing against one another and on Sunday 28 the exciting Carosello dei Carabinieri when 145 horses and riders will as usual close the show at a breathtaking pace. Daily ticket prices for the Piazza di Siena range from 13 - 300 and tickets are on sale at ticket@piazzadisiena.com tel. 063803818. For full information see www.piazzadisiena.com

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