Following recent pedestrianisation schemes in Romes historic centre residents in the Eternal Citys less glamorous suburbs are to benefit from car-free areas too. Four major piazzas, Piazza dei Sanniti, Piazza dellImmacolata (in the S. Lorenzo area), Largo Spartaco (Tuscolana), Piazza Federico Borromeo (Primavalle) in the citys outskirts, in various stages of completion, have been or will be repaved over and replanted, while auto access and parking will either be eliminated or restricted to a minimum. The new-look squares will provide locals with public spaces for walking and meeting, create room for outdoor dining at local bars and restaurants and reduce traffic-related pollution. Councillor Orlando Corsetti, leader of the S. Lorenzo municipality where the first two squares are located, aims to make S. Lorenzo Romes first completely pedestrianised zone by building a 600-space underground car park and leaving just two access roads for entering and exiting. Piazza dellImmacolata, where work is completed, should open in February 2006 and works are underway on Piazza dei Sanniti and on Piazza Federico Borromeo in the Primavalle area of north-western Rome. Plans have been drawn up to revamp Largo Spartaco (and to rename it after Ingrid Bergman who starred in Roberto Rosselinis film Europa 51 which was largely filmed there) in the south-eastern Tuscolana municipality. Work on the square is expected to start in the second half of 2006.