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No Meloni Day: Students protest in Italy

Protests are taking place across Italy on Friday.

Student protests against the education policies of Giorgia Meloni's government are being held in cities across Italy on Friday, including Rome and Milan.

Under the slogans of "No Meloni Day" and "Now We Decide", thousands of students are taking to the streets demanding greater investment in schools and universities.

The main protest in Rome on Friday morning will see students march from Circo Massimo to Italy's education ministry in Trastevere, leading to some disruption to bus lines.

The demonstrations have been organised by the Unione degli Studenti and the Rete degli studenti, with the support of other student groups and left-wing collectives.

"We have asked this new government to abandon the rhetoric of meritocracy and to try to think about a clear investment in the future of education in this country" - organisers stated - "To date, however, all we have received has been silence and beatings. Nobody speaks of schools and universities in the budget law that is just around the corner."

The "beatings" reference relates to clashes between students and police at Rome's Sapienza University on 25 October outside a conference whose speakers included Daniele Capezzone of Meloni's far-right Fratelli d'Italia, and Fabio Roscani, president of that party's youth wing Gioventù Nazionale.

Alice Beccari, communications manager of the Unione degli Studenti, told news agency Adnkronos that the union's claims are based on five pillars: "the right to study, integrated education instead of school-work alternation, psychological well-being, more representation and more rights for students".

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