The first new bridge to be built over the river Tiber since the 1960 Olympics was opened on 31 May, after much controversy. Situated in the Flaminio district of Rome, the 190m Ponte della Musica connects Piazza Gentile da Fabriano-Via Guido Reni on the east bank with Lungotevere Cadorno on the west.

The bridge has two leaning arches in steel resting on steel deck and blends in well with the nearby football stadium built for the 1990 World Cup. The architects, Powell-Williams, and the consulting engineers, Buro Happhold, both have considerable international experience in light bridge design and construction.

The winning project was in fact for a pedestrian bridge. It was subsequently adapted to take traffic as well. But at the opening ceremony mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno declared that it will only be open to pedestrians, bicycles and an eco- bus but not to private traffic.

It had originally been scheduled to open on 21 April, on the occasion of Rome