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Naples celebrates Dante with giant Easter egg

Dante Easter egg is two metres high and contains 300 kg of chocolate.

Naples continues to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri, the Father of the Italian language, in its own unique way.

After creating Dante figurines for Christmas cribs, the southern Italian city is now devoting an out-sized Easter tradition to the Supreme Poet, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Master chocolatiers at the historic Gay-Odin factory in Naples have created a two-metre high Easter egg decorated with a portrait of Dante along with some verses from The Divine Comedy.

The mediaeval poet and philosopher is portrayed on the enormous egg - which boasts 300 kilos of chocolate - in his traditional red robes and laurel wreath, based on the fresco in the Duomo in Florence.

The giant Easter egg for Dante at Gay-Odin in Naples. Photo ANSA.

"For about 30 years, on the occasion of Easter, we have dedicated a giant egg to a great event or character" - the factory's owner Marisa del Vecchio told La Repubblica - "this year the choice could only fall on Dante Alighieri."

The depiction of Dante shows the poet holding a manuscript of his epic work with two sentences, Del Vecchio told Italian news agency ANSA: "the first and the last, which are more topical than ever."

"What we are going through now with the pandemic looks like a dark forest in which we are afraid of getting lost, and then the last one which is also a hope for the whole world. I am sure" - concludes Del Vecchio, unable to hold back tears - "we will get out and see the stars again."

The Easter egg comes as Italy marks the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, with his national day - Dantedì - taking place on 25 March.

Many of the Dantedì events will take place online, due to the covid-19 emergency, with the full updated programme published on the Italian culture ministry website.

For insights (in English) into what to expect see Wanted in Rome feature article. Cover photo ANSA.

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Address Via Luca Giordano, 21a, 80127 Napoli NA, Italy

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Naples celebrates Dante with giant Easter egg

Via Luca Giordano, 21a, 80127 Napoli NA, Italy

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