Acorn High H1 - 1920 x 116
Acorn High H1 - 1920 x 116
Acorn High H1 - 1920 x 116
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Tourists in Rome toss coins into Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain style

Coins rain down on top of Roman ruins.

A new trend in Rome sees tourists throwing coins into the Roman Forum - imitating the Trevi Fountain ritual - in the hopes of a return to the Eternal City.

A growing number of visitors can be seen tossing coins into the Forum from the panoramic viewpoint below the Campidoglio on the Capitoline Hill.

Some of the tourists mimick the over-the-shoulder tradition associated with the Trevi Fountain while others aim for their coins to land directly on top of Roman ruins.

The trend has been going for some years but has gained momentum recently and has been the focus of recent news reports in Rome.

Many of the coins rain down on top of the Portico of the Harmonious Gods which is covered with a metal plate to protect it from being damaged by rainwater.

The ancient monument, located directly below the Campidogolio, is festooned with a mosaic of euro coins as well as change from other currencies.

Meanwhile, in a new "contactless" trend, tourists have been swiping the waters of the Trevi Fountain with credit cards instead of throwing coins.

According to tradition, tourists who toss coins into the basin of the Baroque monument - right hand over left shoulder with eyes closed - are guaranteed a return trip to the Eternal City.

The coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain add up each year to around €1.5 million which is used by Catholic charity Caritas to help Rome's homeless people and families in financial difficulty.

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