Italy: Rome nurse rages against covid-19 deniers

Coronavirus: Rome nurse's message goes viral.

A frontline nurse in Rome has attacked those who don't care about Italy's covid-19 precautions and those who deny the existence of coronavirus in a strongly-worded social media post that has gone viral.

The no-nonsense message by Marco Bellafiore, a nurse at Rome's Umberto I hospital, rails against people that don't respect the anti-contagion measures, asking them bitterly to "come here and tell me everything is ok, that there is no covid, that tonight we'll go dancing."

Bellafiore, who has been on the frontline since the start of lockdown, without any holidays, takes direct aim at those who "don't care" in his message and reminds them that "it is us, not you" sweating in a "sauna suit in 30 degrees".

The post, written in Roman dialect, has been shared over 10,000 times and attracted thousands of responses, both positive and negative.