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Italy covid Green Pass rules change on 1 September

Where and when is the covid Green Pass cert required in Italy?

The scope of Italy's Green Pass, which shows that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19, will be expanded once again from 1 September.

Italy's Green Pass, which was first introduced in June and does not apply to children under 12, was originally used mainly for travel within the EU and to facilitate access to large events or nursing homes.

However since 6 August, the Green Pass (or the equivalent certificate recognised by Italian authorities), has been required for:

  • dining indoors in restaurants
  • theatres, cinemas, events and sporting competitions
  • museums, archaeological sites and cultural venues
  • swimming pools, gyms, spas and wellness centres, theme parks, recreational and leisure centres, gaming halls and casinos
  • trade fairs, conferences and meetings

The Green Pass is not required for consuming food or drink at tables outdoors or drinking a coffee while standing at the bar.

From 1 September, the scope of the Green Pass (or its equivalent certificate for those visiting Italy), will be widened further, this time with regard to transport and education.

The Green Pass will be required to board:

  • airplanes serving domestic and international destinations
  • interregional ships and ferries (except for the Strait of Messina ferry services)
  • Intercity and High Speed trains
  • long-distance buses passing through more than two regions
  • charter buses

The Green Pass will not be mandatory for buses, trams and subways on local public transport networks, or for regional trains.

In addition, the Green Pass will become mandatory for teachers and school staff, as well as staff and students of universities, from 1 September.

There will be penalties for school and university employees who fail to comply with the new measures - the government has warned - similar to the system already in place for doctors and nurses.

After five days off work due to not having the Green Pass, employees' absence will be regarded as "unjustified", leading to the suspension of their employment and pay.

For details (in English) about how the Green Pass works see our guide while for extensive information (in Italian) about the Green Pass see the Certificazione Verde website.

For those who still need assistance, there is a call centre, tel. 800 91 24 91 (open daily 08.00-20.00) and an email address

For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy - in English - see health ministry website.

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