Italy: 107-year-old woman gets covid-19 vaccine

Fiorina Fiorelli congratulated by president of Lazio region.

She has lived through the Spanish flu, two world wars and now - aged 107 - the covid-19 pandemic.

Fiorina Fiorelli, born on 13 January 1913, lives in a nursing home in Italy's central Lazio region around Rome.

Signora Fiorelli, who is approaching her 108th birthday, received the vaccine yesterday along with the other residents of the home.

The president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, took to social media to praise Fiorelli's "faith in medicine" and to wish her a happy new year.

Some 45,000 people in Italy have received the vaccine since the vaccination programme began on 27 December - reports Italian news agency ANSA - predominantly healthcare workers as well as residents of nursing homes.