Covid-19: Nurse who got first vaccine in Italy receives wave of online abuse

Rome nurse closes social media accounts following threats and insults after becoming the first in Italy to get covid-19 vaccine.

The nurse who became the first person in Italy to receive the covid-19 vaccine on 27 December has closed down her social media accounts after receiving a wave of insults, including death threats.

Claudia Alivernini, who is aged 29 and works at Rome's Spallanzani hospital for infectious diseases, stated that she took the vaccine "with great pride and a great sense of responsibility."

Alivernini became the symbol of V-Day in Italy, receiving blanket coverage across the country in both print and digital media.

Among the many good wishes however arrived a sea of insults from those against the vaccine, including so-called "no-vax" activists, who posted threats and negative comments online targeting the Roman nurse.

In addition to the insults, two fake Instagram pages were reportedly set up in Alivernini's name.

The nurse is now considering making a formal complaint about the abuse to the police, according to reports in Italian media.

The Lazio region governor, Nicola Zingaretti, has pledged his full support for Alivernini and said that whoever has threatened her "should be ashamed."