A series of initiatives is underway to think of ways to improve conditions in the neglected quarter of Laurentino 38. Built in the 1970s and connected by a series of 11 bridges, the area has since been largely abandoned by businesses and is home to a large number of immigrants. Among the projects taking place between now and September are workshops in which ten young people from Laurentino 38 will work alongside students from the Accademia di Belle Arti and the faculty of architecture of Universit Roma Tre to consider the potential of spaces abandoned or otherwise in the quarter. Two theatrical performances about life in Laurentino 38 are also being planned, as well as a project to consider how the street-bridge system in the quarter could be better used to improve communication and how the quarter could be adapted for the needs of the disabled. The initiatives have been planned by the Officina Laurentino, supported by the Atelier Ambulant dArchitecture and the social cooperative Il Gabbiano. For more information tel. 06/97613086, www.aada-ma.it