Horse-drawn carriage drivers are protesting against a new regulation which aims to ban their circulation from 13.00-16.00 throughout the summer period.

Irate horse and coach drivers took to trotting their horses through Romes historic centre on Wednesday to air their disapproval, much to the amazement of bystanders and despair of motor drivers.

This unusual protest, which ended in Piazza del Campidoglio, seems to have worked - temporarily at least. Although this new regulation came into effect on 15 June, coach drivers have now received a respite until 6 July.

This new rule is in order to protect these animals from working during the hottest times of the day. These animals cannot be subjected to this kind of torture, says animal rights representative, Monica Cirinn.

However, Enrico Pilo, president of the horse coachmens association explains that

The times they want to impose the ban are the busiest period of our day, it would be a very hard blow for us, especially since our activity is mainly seasonal, with the majority of our profits made in the summer months.

Talks are scheduled between the above-mentioned parties and the city councils transport division for 6 July, the day the respite expires.