The Democratici di Sinistra, one of the political parties making up the governing alliance LUlino began its annual Festa dell Unita in Rome on 28 June in and around the Stadio Flaminio. The Festa offers 14 restaurants of which 10 are run by 350 volunteers, a pastry shop and ice cream parlour, a pub, a bar called the Rainbow, run by Arcigay a cabaret stage, a bookshop coffee bar and 85 different commercial stalls. The Festa opens every evening at 20.30.

Politicians from the left wing LUlivo alliance will be speaking at the Festa, Massimo DAlema, deputy prime minister and minster for foreign affairs will speak on 6 July, the Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, on 20 July, Paolo Gentiloni of the Margherita party will speak on 21 July and Piero Fassino national secretary of the democrats of the left on 27 July. The Festa will close on 30 July.