Eataly and Zètema sign deal in Rome

Discounts for those who visit both Eataly and city-run museums

A new agreement signed by Eataly and Zètema, the association that promotes Rome's city museums, aims to foster links between Italian food and the cultural heritage of the capital's museums and galleries.

The deal involves reduced ticket prices for Eataly customers visiting any of the city-run museums or galleries, known as Musei in Comune. To claim discounts at the museums, visitors must present a receipt for an Eataly purchase valued at a minimum of €20, within 14 days of the receipt being issued. Eataly customers can also avail of 10 per cent discounts on ticket prices and purchases at the bookshops of city's various museums and galleries.

Visitors to Eataly who submit their entrance tickets (full price or reduced) for any city-run museum (within 14 days of issue) are entitled to a 10 per cent discount on any single sum spent on Eataly food products, or on cooking school or restaurant services.

In addition, holders of the Roma Pass card (the city’s tourism and cultural services card), receive a fior di latte ice cream at the “Làit” stand in Eataly. If they have paid for an Eataly course or event they get a voucher worth a 10 per cent  discount at any Eataly retail or catering establishment if sued with 30 days.

The deal also sees Eataly and Zètema promoting each other through the provision of information, publicity and merchandise at each other's bookshops.