Driver fined €8,000 for U-turn on Italy's A1 motorway

Incident north of Rome was caught on camera.

A motorist has been fined €8,000 by Italian police after making a U-turn on the A1 motorway north of Rome.

The driver, described in Italian news reports as "foreign", was caught on camera making the illegal manoeuvre and was subsequently stopped by police as he approached the capital.

The motorist justified his actions by stating that, after getting stuck in the wrong direction, his GPS navigation system instructed him to make a U-turn as soon as possible, which he did.

In addition to the massive fine, the man had his driving licence seized and his SUV was confiscated for three months.

Italian police are preparing a file for public prosecutors in Rieti and will also send a report to authorities in the man's country to prevent a licence from being issued.