Domenica in Musica

A series of concerts every Sunday organised by S. Cecilia at the Tor Bella Monaca theatre. The Domenica in Musica series will cover solo concerts to symphony orchestras, classical music to jazz, opera to film music.

The project is designed to bring music to an often-neglected suburb of Rome as well as to make S. Cecilia better known throughout the city. The lively Tor Bella Monaca theatre is part of a group of six local theatres in Rome (Teatro Villa Pamphilj, Teatro Lido di Ostia, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Teatro Elsa Morante and Teatro Villa Torlonia), which offer the public a choice of new productions almost every night.

Called Casa Dei Teatri e della Drammaturgia Contemporanea the theatres are rooted in their local communities, providing not only theatre, music and dance productions but also opportunities for local performers and playwrights as well as workshops and educational projects.

The latest to join the group is the recently restored Teatro Villa Torlonia, which was officially inaugurated in December last year.

Domenica in Musica - image 1
Domenica in Musica - image 2