Doctor Jessen apologises to Italians


Doctor Jessen previously stated: "The Italians use Covid-19 to take a long siesta."

Now he apologises: “I was wrong. Forgive me, I have to think about my mental health ".

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Here is the text of his tweet of apology: 

"Regarding my comments abut the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and its impact on Italy:

I got this one very wrong - I tried to alleviate more panic setting in however, in hindsight, I recognize my flippant remark was insensitive and I must apologize for any upset I have caused. I understand why it was offensive and I hope I can make it up to you in future.

As a doctor, it’s my job to be honest and to try and bring light into peoples loves. I would like to assure you that my thoughts are with everyone affected by the virus, and to those who are working extremely hard to help everyone get through this difficult time. 

If you’re in a position to do so, you can help fight coronavirus by donating to the COVID-19 solidarity Response Fund for WHO here:"