Covid-19: Italy set to reopen cinemas and theatres on 27 March

Museums to reopen at weekends in Italy's yellow zones next month.

Cinemas and theatres are set to reopen on 27 March in Italian regions classified as 'yellow zones' under the country's covid-19 restrictions, Italy's culture minister Dario Franceschini announced on Twitter.

In his post this evening, Franceschini said that the technical scientific committee (CTS) advising the government on the coronavirus emergency had given the green light for cinemas and theatres to reopen at the end of next month.

The reopening would take place on the occasion of World Theatre Day, said Franceschini, adding that museums in yellow zones would be allowed to open at weekends.

Italy's cinemas and theatres have been closed for a year due to the covid-19 crisis, and museums are only allowed to open in yellow zones and only on weekdays.

It has been reported that the CTS will have to review the situation in mid-March, 15 days before the tentative reopening, which will be subject strict regulations, centred mainly on the seating arrangements and social distancing.

Rules regarding seating capacity remain to be established, and there will reportedly be a ban on food and drink, including popcorn in cinemas, to avoid people lowering their masks.

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