Italians call them baby-cubist, the teenage girls who dance atop pedestals, stage props or Perspex cubes in Romes numerous clubs for under-18s. And like their counterparts in adult clubs, they are often scantily clad wearing little more than their underwear, micro-skirts or bikinis. A recent article in Roman daily Il Messaggero has alerted the citys guardians of public morality and encouraged the local authorities to attempt to look further into the matter. While playing down the extent of the problem, Romes prefetto (governor) Achille Serra hopes a number of proposed measures can nip the trend in the bud before it becomes something more menacing. Management at under-18s clubs will be told to discourage the practice and if that does not work undercover agents could be sent in to catch the culprits red-handed. Youngsters will be targeted with an information campaign at schools and parents too will be invited to learn more about the phenomenon.