To coincide with its exhibition Guggenheim: l'avanguardia americana 1945-1980, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni continues its cinema festival dedicated to independent and underground American films that strayed from the Hollywood mainstream to explore a disaffected American youth. Many of the films in the Palaexpo's Ciao America! programme have become cult classics, and all are screened in English with Italian subtitles. Admission is through Via Milano 9A, all films at 21.00.

13 March. "Five Easy Pieces" by Bob Rafelson (1970). Jack Nicholson stars as a rebel on the run from everyone and everything, including adult life.

14, 15 March. "Trash" by Paul Morrissey (1970). A central figure in Andy Warhol's Factory, Morrissey depicts a squalid world peopled by drug addicts, transvestites and rent boys.

16, 17 March. "Two-Lane Blacktop" by Monte Hellman (1971). Motor racers wander aimlessly in the void of existence because the road, in America, no longer leads anywhere.

18 March. "The last picture show" by Peter Bogdanovich (1971). A melancholy film about a group of young people who rebel against the monotony and hypocrisy of American provincial life in the lead-up to the Korean War.

22, 23 March. "Images" by Robert Altman (1972). Disturbing study of human madness that propels viewers into a world where the distinction between dream and reality becomes unclear.

24, 25 March. "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" by Sam Peckinpah (1973). Haunting movie that explores the outdated values represented by the

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