Noisy and often dangerous fireworks are a part of New Years Eve in Rome but the mayors office has warned everyone to be carefully when handling them and not to buy the illegal Kamikaze, Bomba Osamoand Pallone di Maradona which contain several kilos of explosives. However there are plenty of others, such as Fontana Italia, Red Plum, Fontana di Trevi, Bengala Orchidea, which can be used safely as long as they are handled with care. New Years Day can also be dangerous because of the large number of unexploded fireworks in the streets.

One good piece of advice from the mayors office is that if a firework doesnt have a label, dont buy it because it is illegal and dangerous. Only light fireworks in the open and if they dont light dont try a second time but dispose of them.

Boys between the age of 11 and 14 are most at risk, with accidents to eyes and hands.

Tel 0667106293 if in doubt.