Enthusiasts of the visual arts are in for a promising two days on 12-13 May when owners of private apartments in Trastevere host works of art, most of which have been created especially for the location and the occasion.

At a time when traditional art galleries are struggling and artists are having

increasing difficulty finding a space to show their work, this is an inventive new development. Here is art in a domestic environment rather than a commercial gallery or a museum; here is art in an everyday place in an everyday household. But Casa con Vista is offering more than the open studio concept where artists invite viewers to see their work in their own homes or studios: here hosts are welcoming artists they may never have met before into their homes to create a work of art inspired by their sur-


In this project the artist and the host work together to create something that

is very specific to each setting, adding a greater depth of meaning to that phrase so loved by museums