The annual church service for the blessing of domestic animals will take place on Sunday 16 January in the church of S. Eusebio at Piazza Vittorio at 10.00. Everyone invited to take their pets along to the service and they will be admitted to the church according to their size (and behaviour) to receive the blessing. The ceremony is normally held on 17 January to celebrate the feast of St Anthony Abbot.

There will be a blessing of animals at S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini, Piazza dell Oro 1 on 17 January at 18.00.

Also on 16 January at 14.00 the four principal cat colonies in the city, at the Piramide, Piazzale Ostiense, at Torre Argentina at Largo di Torre Argentina, at Casetta del Laurentino in Via Rocciatori and inside the Parco di Via Matteo Bartoli at Laurentina will be open to the public.

These colonies are supported exclusively by public donations and run by volunteers. Anyone who would like to give a home to a new pet will be very welcome, as will be visitors who just want to stroke a cat and leave a tin of cat food or a donation. For information: Association Romana Cura Animali e Ambiente , Tel / fax 065756085.