Alemanno, former Rome mayor,  faces trial

Former Rome mayor Alemmano charged with corruption in Mafia Capitale case.

Former mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno has been indicted on accusations of corruption and illicit financing in connection with the Mafia Capitale trial which opened in early November.

The right wing mayor is due in court on 23 March to face accusations of receiving €125,000 between 2012 and 2014 via his Nuova Italia foundation in exchange for “acts running counter to his duties in office”.

The Mafia Capitale trial is the result of a major investigation into a mafia-style syndicate accused of corrupting Rome officials and business people to win lucrative city contracts in sectors such as immigrant housing, camps for Roma people, waste management, recycling and parks maintenance.

Prosecutors believe Alemanno received €75,000 in financing for electoral dinners, €40,000 for his foundation, and about €10,000 in cash, the last of which he allegedly received in October 2014, two months before the first wave of Mafia Capitale arrests.

Alemanno denies the charges, stating that he has a “clear conscience” and that he will be proved innocent.