50 thousand people have died in Italy since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic

According to the daily bulletin of the Italian Ministry of Health 22,930 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in Italy in the last 24 hours, about 5,400 less than yesterday (28,337 new positive with 188,747 swabs), bringing the total number of infected cases since the beginning of the emergency to 1,431,795.

In the last 24 hours 148,945 swabs have been performed, about 40 thousand less than yesterday. A substantial stability of the ratio between positives detected and swabs performed emerges it is at 15.3% while on Sunday it was at 15%.

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For the first time since the beginning of the second wave, the current positives are decreasing: according to official data they are 796,849, 9,098 less than on Sunday when they were 805,947.

At 11 months from the beginning of the emergency, Italy exceeds the threshold of 50 thousand victims for covid. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths reached 50,453, with an increase compared to yesterday of 630. On Saturday the increase was 562.