Retake Roma mural at S. Giovanni metro station

Retake Roma "adopts" Rome metro station with street art.

Rome's S. Giovanni metro station is being decorated with street art following a collaboration between Retake Roma – a volunteer movement which tackles urban decay – and the capital's public transport company ATAC.

Street artist Tina Loiodice is painting Lo Sguardo, a mural featuring a giant pair of tiger eyes, on plasterboard panels covering construction works for the Metro C line. The mural, which has the backing of the city, was begun in recent days as Retake volunteers removed illegal graffiti and stickers from the station's walls.

Loiodice's work is the first in the Adotta una stazione (Adopt a Station) initiative which will rely on artists and volunteers to enhance the city's metro stations, according to Rome transport councillor Linda Meleo.

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