Quartiere Africano, Salario, Trieste

The Africano area came by its name because almost all the streets here are called after African towns or countries. It is close to Villa Ada and the Parco delle Valli, two of the largest parks in the city. The buildings are rather run-down five or six-storey blocks.

The area is drab and unexciting, traffic is a nightmare, especially along Viale Libia. But if the traffic is bad the parking is even worse and here you can circle endlessly without finding a space unless you are lucky enough to live in or near a building with an underground garage. There is a good variety of small shops and covered markets. Its connected to the centre by several good bus routes and the new extension to metro line B. 

The Salaria, once an ancient Roman consular road, runs from Piazza Fiume out to the Raccordo Anulare (the city’s ring road) and then the A1 and A12 motorways. You will find many examples of the Italian Liberty-style architecture in the so-called Coppedè area at the beginning of Via Salaria. Those who live along the Salaria can make the most of Villa Ada, and there are several smaller parks, such as Villa Chigi, scattered throughout the area.

There is good shopping near Piazza Fiume and at the beginning of Via Salaria. However public transport is good, with trams along Viale Regina Margherita. The Salaria is also close to stations on the train connection that runs from Fara Sabina to Fiumicino airport ever 15 minutes.

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Address Quartiere XVII Trieste, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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Quartiere Africano, Salario, Trieste

Quartiere XVII Trieste, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy