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FiR 1920 x 116 H1
FiR 1920 x 116 H1
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The Nur Bar is housed in a large space on two floors, the ground floor and basement of the 18th-century Palazzo Capranica del Grillo on Via del Teatro Valle, in the heart of the city just a few steps from Piazza Navona and Piazza Farnese. Its huge windows overlook the church of S. Andrea della Valle. 

Nur in Arabic means light, and light and music, in all their facets, are the main themes of this trendy night club. The architecture and interior design, with a modern twist by Nicola Pugliese, the owner of Nur and an imaginative architect, are inspired by the colours of the Roman Baroque. 

Murano crystal chandeliers furnish the first room dedicated to a lounge atmosphere, an ideal place for a sundowner and a lively dinner at the restaurant run by chef Luca Urriera, which will open in the coming days with an eclectic menu inspired by Mediterranean-fusion cuisine. 

Downstairs is the club itself: a long underground corridor with mosaics which opens onto a large loft where you can dance to live music and an alternation of some of the most hip DJs on the Italian scene.

General Info

Address Via del Teatro Valle, 19
Phone number 00390660670297
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The Nur Bar

Via del Teatro Valle, 19

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