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JCU 1920x116
JCU 1920x116
FiR 700 x 180 H 1

Grom is a gelateria with locations all over Italy.

The shops are small and carry just a few flavours each day, but each one is freshly made.

They also specialise in hot chocolate.

Also outlets on Via Agonale, Via Tuscolana 1370 and Via dei Giubbonari 53.

General Info

Address Via della Maddalena, 30A
Phone number 0668210447

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Gelateria Grom

Via della Maddalena, 30A

FiR 724 x 450
FiR 1920 x 190 H3
FiR 1920 x 190 H3
FiR 1920 x 190 H3
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AUR 1400x360