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Eleonora Galasso - Food Interpreter

Eleonora’s unusual cuisine upbringing leaded her to frame her distinctive, unassuming gastronomic allure.

Imagine a huge rustic kitchen located in a typical masseria in the south of Italy. Voices of women, the smell of fresh ingredients, the mysterious secrets of the cupboard.

A small child spying from the keyhole limpet.

Eleonora was forbidden from entering her great grandmother’s kitchen, but she was allowed to taste the linguine to make sure they were “al dente”.

As it’s often the case in life, this obstacle turned this girl’s curiosity into a hobby, then twisted into a job. In her family home, she found a dusty handwritten recipes book, she started twisting the ingredients to make her dinner parties explosive, she eventually trained at the Ateneo Italiano della Cucina in Rome. Then it was the turn of studying for a master’s degree in gastronomy and food culture. The rest is history.

Her life as a student before and her career as a journalist then brought her around the world. Whether London, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo or Istanbul, there has always been one constant element that would bring her together with others: conviviality. It’s all explained in her blog.

Today, Eleonora has opened the door to a secret location in the historical center of Rome organising amazing cooking workshops, she collaborates at events providing her exceptional culinary touch and she also runs a clandestine restaurant in the least expected premises. The rule? Food happiness.

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