Villa Gregoriana, the cliff-side park at Tivoli beside the great waterfall on the river Aniene, has reopened to the public thanks to two years of restoration carried out by the Fondo per l Ambiente Italiano (FAI). Visitors can now wander down the steep path past the terrace over the waterfall, through woods and grottoes down to the bottom of the valley and then back up on the other side to two 1st-century BC temples, to Tiburnus and Vesta.

The Villa Gregoriana has special facilities for handicapped people, a FAI office and a cafetteria. Until 15 October the villa will be open from 10.00-18.30, from 16 October until 30 November from 10.00-14.30. Closed on Mondays, except for holidays, and all December, January and February.

Entrance 4 for adults and 2.50 for children from four to 12 years old.

Guided tours are available with prior booking.

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Address Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli. For information tel. 063996770.

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Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli.

Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli. For information tel. 063996770.