TenDance 2014

TenDance, which takes place around Latina, is a good chance to see new choreographies in old settings.

There are 11 new choreographies at Palazzo Caetani in Fondi, Castello Baronale in Maenza, the mediaeval castle in Itri and the Latidudine theatre in Latina.

On 11 Oct at Palazzo Caetani there are two productions by foreign choreograhers: Eyes Closed Rehearsal by the British-based choreographer Vincent Cacalano and Game Over by Australia Susan Kempster.

These are followed the next day by Danze Rotte by Benedetta Capanna inspired by the Rome of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Carne by Vittorio Colella and Son Qui by Emanuele Serrecchia.

TenDance is directed by Ricky Bonavita and Theodore Rawyler of Excursus Compagnia di Danza.