Our readers what's on: The group "WALKINGandWINE" has the pleasure of inviting you to a day of extra virgin olive oil tasting and cultural visits in the area of Fara in Sabina (Rieti) approximately 50 km north of Rome. The excursion is organized in collaboration with UNAPROL as part of their project Olila’. Activities include a guided tour of the Abbey of Farfa, by far the most important religious monument of the whole Sabina and one of the most important monuments of the European Middle Ages. Its origins date back to the middle of the sixth century, when it was founded by Lorenzo San Siro. The monastery complex includes the cloister called "Longobardo", the cloister grande (seventeenth century), the Crypt of semicircular shape, a fine Roman sarcophagus, the museum and the splendid library. At the end of the visit, a short and easy walk through olive groves to reach the farm 'Il Cervo Rampante’. Here Dott.ssa Paola Malanga, nutritionist and oil sommelier, will lead us through the olive oil tasting. She will also discuss the properties of extra virgin olive oil and its beneficial effects on the heart and skin. A visit of the farm will give us the opportunity to see the various ages of olive trees and the special and unique properties of DOP Sabina olives. A delicious snack of bruschetta, grilled meat and farm grown vegetables will conclude our visit here! Finally, a visit to the Olive Oil Museum in Castelnuovo di Farfa; a museum that tells the story Sabino oil through a unique blend of ancient and contemporary exhibits . BOOKING REQUIRED – PARTICIPATION IS LIMITED The participation fee is € 30.00 and includes all activities listed. Travel to/from the location is not included. Contact: Linda Botha walkingandwine@gmail.com (348) 3424778 Roberto Maurilli (339) 2179390 Olila '- PIF LAZIO www.olila.it Is the project managed by Unaprol, registered by the Regione Lazio 2007/2013 – 133. The Olila project is part of the initiatives financed by the European Union and the Regione Lazio under the Rural Development Plan. The activities are designed to promote and enhance extra virgin olive oil and table olives (certified as DOP and/or BIO of the Regione Lazio. UNAPROL www.unaprol.it UNAPROL has always been the most consistent and representative association of the olive sector at national and community level, with a membership of approximately 550,000 olive oil producers, represented by 81 provincial associations in the territory. The aim of UNAPROL is to address structural weaknesses in the area of supply and marketing of olive oil. It is active in enhancing the production through participation in activities at National and European Union level, with special focus on quality improvement, environmental impact, traceability and certification of products. UNAPROL is aligned with the guidelines of the common agricultural policy and supports national objectives in protection and improvement of olive oil quality. IL CERVO RAMPANTE www.ilcervorampante.it This producer ‘Il Cervo Rampante’ is the recipient of the Gambero Rosso Italian Excellence award in 2012. As such, it is the only Olive Oil Producer to represent Italy in Berlin and Paris, and in the coming months also in Moscow, Zurich, Chicago, Singapore and São Paulo.

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