Celebrating 40 years since its formation, the Swiss performance troupe Mummenschanz continues to delight audiences of all ages with its humour, versatility and imagination. Known for its creative use of ordinary objects like boxes and fabric, Mummenshanz offers a two-hour programme consisting of nearly 30 sketches that are performed by four black-clad artists whose success is measured by how well they manage to blend into the background, letting their alter egos take centre stage.

The show comes to life as an amazing parade of characters and objects that roll, twist, flop, and leap around the stage wordlessly. There is neither dialogue nor music, but the actors respond to the rhythm of the audience’s laughter and expressions of amazement. Brilliant lighting design works magic and ensures that the performers remain in the dark giving the illusion of life to otherwise inanimate items. Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, tel. 063201752,