Kirov Ballet. 1-24 April 2004. The legendary ballet company from St Petersburg presents a selection of repertoire and Balanchine pieces. (15-18 April) Swan Lake, choreography by Petipa; (21-24 April) Jewels, choreography by Balanchine. The company is a great one, although all its productions are still afflicted by its isolation and the stamp of its particular history. The Russians saw themselves as the rescuers of ballet, giving the kiss of life to the art form that was moribund in Paris. When Korovin moved ballet into the 18th century, it was to bring it closer to the Russian experience, which began with the founding of the St Petersburg school in 1738 by a French ballet master, the first of a long line culminating in Marius Petipa. Critics agree that in Petipas productions the Russian influence on French ballet is more striking because of its subtlety. The experience is not to be missed, but with the enchanted eyes of one watching a legend.

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Address Teatro Regio, tel. 0118815557.

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Kirov Ballet in Swan Lake, choreography by Petipa; Jewels, choreography by Balanchine.

Teatro Regio, tel. 0118815557.