Emio Greco/PC. 29 Nov. 2003 In Extra Dry, choreography by Greco. Italian choreographer Greco and Dutch theatre director Pieter C. Scholten have worked together in their search for new dance forms since 1995. They present their work under the name of Emio Greco/PC, which pays tribute to the fact that each performance is the result of their combined forces. In their work a curiosity about the body and its inner motives serves as the starting point of the dance. In their performances, Greco and Scholten show that movement is self-sufficient and capable of creating time and space. Although their work belongs to the domain of contemporary dance, it incorporates classical elements in a constantly changing context. The universe of Emio Greco/PC is recognised as a new language, a new form of dance in which the body with all its instinctive impulses conveys the vision of a transcendental world.

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Address Teatro Ariosto, tel. 0522458811.

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Extra Dry

Teatro Ariosto, tel. 0522458811.