Africa: a return ticket

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This theater laboratory project explores the theme of Africa as a point of origin, both the origin of mankind and woman kind as a point of origin for the African diaspora, as well as a destination for purposes of exploration and travel, research and so often exploitation, both historically and currently from west, east and north. We will use texts from both Shakespeare and Newspaper articles, as well as personal stories to create and develop scenes that would be presented as an interactive performance in event in at the Sapienza university on 26th of June.

Maximum 16 participants

please apply before June 12th

necessary commitment to be in all meetings and the performance date

it is a voluntary project no cost and no pay is expected

no prior acting experience required (but it is appreciated)

we will give priority to African participants and of African descendancy

Dates and hours for meeting:

June 17th 15-20

June 20th 15-20

June 24th 15-20

June 26th from 15 until the end of performance (exact time to be decided)

Application form:




Spoken Language/s:

Nationalities (orand any other preferred identities):

Short resume (one paragraph):

Why do you want join the project? (one paragraph):

Email andor phone number:

Please send to

INFO: 3342834302

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