Part of the ex-Fiera di Roma on Via Cristoforo Colombo will be used to shelter the homeless from the cold winter nights, replacing the tent which has been erected in the Castel S. Angelo area for the past few years.

Three pavilions will be equipped to sleep up to 360 people between 1 December and 31 March 2009 and will include a canteen, showers, laundry services and socialisation areas, all of which can be used by the homeless between the hours of 18.00 and 10.00 the next day. Medical assistance will be provided by three hospitals (Spallanzani, S. Gallicano and Israelitico) and five local health authorities based in the capital, and will include an initial screening to establish the state of health of those using the service.

The overall running of the so-called "Piano Freddo" will be taken care of by staff and volunteers of the Italian Red Cross with the assistance of the Lazio regional government and Rome city council. The latter has allocated