The 16th century Villa Poniatowski is open to the public once again after a long period of restoration. Originally a part of the Villa Giulia complex built for Pope Julius III, it was renovated by Giuseppe Valadier at the beginning of the 19th century while under the ownership of Polish Prince Stanislao Poniatowski. The building will now house part of the archaeological collection of the Etruscan Museum nearby. Two exhibitions mark its opening. “Villa Borghese: the Princes, the arts, the city from the 18th to the 19th century” covers the beginnings and history of the park, while “A family album. The Romans at Villa Borghese” features photos of the Villa taken between 1903 and 2003 by Rome residents. The exhibitions are open until 21 March 2004. In nearby Galleria Borghese, the celebrated Hall of the Gladiator, whose contents were carried off to Paris during the Napoleonic occupation, has been restored to some of its past glory. Ten statues are now on loan from the Louvre, but not the famous marble statue of the gladiator.