Rome paints out Super Pope mural

Image became famous following Vatican approval

A mural depicting Pope Francis as "Super Pope" which generated headlines around the world was removed by Rome's refuse agency AMA on 30 January.

On 27 January Rome artist Mauro Pallotta affixed his paper image to a wall at the intersection of Borgo Pio and Via Claudia near the Vatican, adding some finishing touches with acrylic paint.

The image, which gained international appeal after it was tweeted by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, featured the Super Pope in flight carrying his black satchel with a sign reading Valores (Spanish for "values") and the scarf of his favourite football team S. Lorenzo sticking out.

Pallotta said he portrayed the pontiff that way because he views Pope Francis as a "superhero" who uses his power for the good of the people.

Pallotta’s agent said the artist is hoping to avoid being fined by the city but is now considering making a street art piece depicting Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino as the “anti-hero”.