Rome mayor writes to ambassadors over tourist vandals

Raggi wants to bring back "civic sense" to Rome's tourists.

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi has written to foreign ambassadors in the capital to highlight the bad behaviour of some of their fellow citizens while on holiday in Rome.

"We will bring back some civic sense even to those tourists who come to Rome and think they can do what they want", Raggi said. "Rome is and will always be welcoming but this does not mean tolerating forbidden behaviour, damage and dirtying our city."

Raggi described her approach as respectful but explained that she wants to make it clear that "certain behaviour must be isolated and stigmatised in order not to create a feeling of distance between citizens and tourists, which has no reason to exist."

The mayor made her comments after her city council updated a raft of legislation regulating behaviour considered inappropriate in Rome, the day after a German schoolboy became the latest tourist to deface the Colosseum.

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