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Rome issues guide for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Italian capital

The city of Rome has put together a guide with practical information to help and welcome people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainians arriving in Italy can stay for a maximum of 90 days before having to apply for a permesso di soggiorno (permit to stay), which is valid for one year and is renewable.

If not in possession of a valid passport, they must contact urgently the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in Rome to obtain a temporary identity document, required to access public services in Italy.

The Ukrainian embassy to Italy is located on Via Guido d'Arezzo 9, and can be contacted on (+39) 068412630 or The embassy is open for appointments Mon-Fri 08.30-12.30 and 13.30-17.30. The phone number for the Ukrainian consulate in Rome is (+39) 0682003641.

If the Ukrainian citizens arriving are the guests of relatives or friends, they must go to the Commissariato di zona (local police station) within 48 hours to fill out the Dichiarazione di Presenza e di Ospitalità (declaring their presence as a guest).

They must be accompanied to the commissariato by one of their hosts, and will need an identity document (the forms are provided by police). For those who are guests in hotels or other accommodation facilities, the necessary information will be provided to authorities directly.

Ukrainians who decide to stay beyond the 90-day period will need to apply for a permesso di soggiorno in advance at the immigration office of the Questura di Roma, on Via Teofilo Patini 23.

It can be contacted on (+39) 0646863911, (+39) 0646864100, (+39) 0646865050 or by email The phone lines are open Mon-Fri from 08.00-20.00, Sat from 08.00-14.00.

To avail of Italy's national health system, those arriving can request the STP code (Straniero Temporaneamente Presente or temporarily present foreign national). For details of how to obtain it, contact the number 800 1188 00 operated by the Lazio Region or consult the Salute Lazio website

Those arriving must undergo a covid test within 48 hours of entering Italy. This can be done without reservation at one of the vaccination centres in Lazio (the list is available on the Salute Lazio website) where you can also request the STP Code or get a covid vaccination.

The Termini hub in Piazza dei Cinquecento is open daily 08.00-20.00 and the Ostiense Station hub is open Mon-Friday 08.00-18.00. For urgent and serious health needs, go to the nearest emergency room.

Ukrainain people arriving in Rome without the possibility of being hosted by friends or relatives can be welcomed temporarily by facilities made available by the regional civil protection agency of Lazio.

To access this service, you must contact the Regional Operations Room 803 555 (active 24/7) or (+39) 0699509292 for calls from abroad, with operators answering also in Ukrainian. Transfer services to reception facilities can also be requested from the regional operations room.

To have basic necessities if they are not provided by the accommodation facilities, or to access services such as legal and school advice, protection of minors and immigration centres, contact the toll-free number 800938873, active daily 08.00-20.00 or email

The toll-free number also provides information on the offers and donations to be given to the Ukrainian community.

For calls from foreign numbers or after the times indicated above, you can contact the Roma Capitale civil protection hotline, active 24/7 on 800 854 854, (+39) 0667109200 or email

For free access to public transport, it will be sufficient to show the STP / ENI regional card or other travel documents issued on arrival in Rome.

Lastly, the guide has advice for people who perceive themselves to be in emergency situations or imminent danger: do not hesitate to immediately request the intervention of the police by calling the Emergency Number 112, and avoid entrusting themselves to unknown people or unrecognised entities that are not part of the public system of hospitality or social volunteering.

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