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Rome Fashion Week, 10-14 July

Rome celebrates fashion with a series of fashion shows and related events from Monday 10 July to Friday 14 July.

The majority of the events will be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, however the Campidoglio, Tempio di Adriano in the head of the Camera Piazza di Pietra and Piazza Capranica (among others) will also act as elegant stages for the latest in haute couture and prt a porter.

Although admittance to the fashion shows is by invitation only, maxi screens will be installed in Galleria Alberto Sordi (Piazza Colonna), which will screen the events live.

This years fashion focus is on materials, threads and tailoring and on the use of a variety of different and contrasting materials to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing fusion.

Fashion experts take a look back in time, with nostalgia to the origins of haute couture and re-propose these elegant classics for todays modern context.

As well as the more conventional fashion shows, experimental performances, which combines fashion with theatre and arts, will be held during Romes fashion week.

Emerging young talents from Romes numerous fashion academies and schools will showcase their work at Tempio Adriano, where a jury will select this years winners.

One of the main events is the fashion show in the beautiful location of Piazza di Campidoglio, featuring Florentine fashion designer Ermanno Scervinos award-winning line.

I express my philosophy on the catwalk through clothes that are truly wearable, clothes that I would like to see on the street the following day, Scervino says.

Sultry models will also be strutting the collections of well-established fashion gurus Gattinoni, Raffaella Curiel, Lorenzo Riva and Renato Balestra.

Romes fashion week is coordinated and organised by AltaRomaAltaModa. Established in 1998, it presents two annual collections, in July and January and is an important platform for young fashion stylists.

Nowadays, Milan is the capital of ladies prt a porter and Florence is the capital of mens prt a porter, explains Ettore Perrone, the vice president of AltaRoma.

Its well known that Milan gradually overtook Paris as the European centre of high fashion and the annual collections presented there create a huge buzz in the media worldwide, Perrone continues.

Romes story is different: Over recent decades our citys position as a major pole of high fashion faded, despite the international affirmation and fame of some top Roman couturiers.

It is hoped that events such as the upcoming fashion week will help to re-establish Rome not only as Italys capital but as the countrys fashion capital as well.

AltaRomas website

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