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Rome app for kids to discover Eternal City in fun new way

Trova promises to get kids learning and laughing their way around Rome's sites.

A new app has been launched with the aim of helping families to explore Rome with a series of self-guided, interactive detective trails.

The app, called Trova, is designed to get children to engage with Rome's historic sites by bringing the Eternal City's history to life with fun facts, puzzles and humour.

The British couple behind the app, graphic designer Aleen Toroyan and journalist Nick Squires, have spent 14 years living in Rome where they have raised their two boys.

Although they love Rome they say "it’s not an easy city with kids" and claim there are "few interactive elements in museums" to engage children.

This prompted the pair to create Trova - "to get kids hooked on history" - describing the app as "part scavenger hunt, part escape room and part guide."

The detective trails see families earn points as they hunt for clues and solve puzzles while learning about Rome's history with bite-sized information tailored to children.

The couple selected their five tour options based on extensive research into "what kids actually enjoy rather than what parents think that they should enjoy".

The themed trails include hunting for secret codes, buried treasure or magic spells, while finding clues, solving riddles and gathering information at sites including the Pantheon, the Colosseum (from the outside), Castel S. Angelo, the Capitoline Museums and the city's historic centre.

The tours, which range from 45 minutes to 120 minutes, are available to download for €4.99 each on the App store and Google Play. For full details see the Trova website.

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