Procession for St Joseph in Rome's Monti district

Carpenters honour their patron saint.

On 22 March the carpenters of Via Urbana will organise a procession in Rome’s Monti neighbourhood.

Every year, the carpenters’ guild of Via Urbana honours its patron, St Joseph, with a church ceremony and procession.

A priest of the Oblates of St Joseph will first hold a ceremony in the S. Lorenzo in Fonte church at 10.00. Then the carpenters will carry the statue of St Joseph through the streets of Monti, Rome's oldest district.

Along the route, sisters of the Giuseppe Marello order will sing hymns, accompanied by a brass band.

The S. Giuseppe procession will conclude with a blessing in the S. Lorenzo in Fonte church. This 17th century church houses the tomb of engineer-architect-sculptor Carlo Fontana as well as a bust of Pope Urban VIII that has been attributed to (the school of) Bernini.