Piazza del Colosseo and the surrounding roads are getting a new layer of make-up this summer. Work on tarmacking the ancient square began on 9 August and will also involve resurfacing the road from Via dei Fori Imperiali up to Via Labicana. During a recent survey the mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, described the latter as particularly bumpy and pockmarked with several holes. The councillor for public works, Giancarlo dAlessandro, said the work will take several days, and added that resurfacing from Piazza del Colosseo up Via San Gregorio will start on 22 August. Already it appears that the crossroads at the beginning of Via Labicana have been almost entirely resurfaced. New pavements will also be provided along these routes, which formerly lacked any pedestrian pathway. Piazza del Colosseos facelift will cost around 100,000.