An interactive science and technology centre for children aged 11-17 has opened in Romes Villa Torlonia. Children (who can not be accompanied by adults) are able to take part in hands-on activities in the seven rooms of the centre, including composing electronic music and creating 3D photographs on a computer, which a robot then recreates as polystyrene sculptures. The centre is equipped with floors that simulate lakes, volcanic lava flows and flower-filled meadows that change as children pass over them, television studios in which children can learn how to record programmes and a section dedicated to a full-immersion three-dimensional trip into Romes history.

Technotown has been created in the unlikely surroundings of the restored Villino Medioevale (entrance in Via Spallanzani 1a). Like the other buildings in Villa Torlonia, the villino was conceived in the early 1900s following an architectural trend for fantasy-like reconstructions from earlier periods combining liberty and neo-gothic styles.

The centre is open for school visits only in the mornings and to the general public Tuesday-Friday 16.00-19.00, Saturday14.00-19.00 and Sunday / holidays 09.00-19.00 (Mondays closed). Tickets cost 5. For more information tel. 0682059127 or