New entrance to Colosseum

Experimental third entrance designed to reduce queues into Colosseum.

A third entrance to the Colosseum, at the Via Labicana corner of the amphitheatre, will be in operation on a trial basis from 15 July until 31 October.

The entrance will be reserved for groups of up to 50 people that have booked tours with accredited guides.

Visitors coming through the new entrance will enter directly onto the arena floor, with daily numbers estimated at between 1,800 and 2,400, depending on the opening hours of the season.

Culture officials say the experimental measure is designed to reduce the queues while maintaining current safety standards, which limit the number of visitors to 3,250 at any one time.

The news comes ten days after Italy pledged 18 million of state funds to rebuild the Colosseum’s central arena floor, by the end of 2018.