Museums, monuments, galleries and archaeological sites across Italy are to open to the public free of charge on the night of 15 May for the second edition of the annual La Notte dei Musei, or museum night.

In Rome around 80 civic, state-run and private museums, cultural academies, historic buildings, libraries and other cultural spaces will be open free of charge from 20.00 until 02.00 (last entry at 01.00). The programme of guided tours, music performances, lectures and other events to attract people who do not normally go to museums, as well as those who are unable to make the usual daytime visiting hours.

The embassy of Argentina in conjunction with Rome city council is promoting the concert Escenas argentinas by Javier Girotto saxophone and Gianni Iorio piano in the Capitoline Museums at 20.30 and 22.00 to mark this year